Know How A Career In Interior Designing Might Be Right For You!

“The key to great design is capturing the spirit of the client and the essence of the space”

-Tony Stavish

Do you feel pulled around by every decorating trend? Or when it comes to home decorating, do you feel like you have a mountain of ideas? If yes, then a career in Interior Designing could be your true calling!

Comfortable homes, inviting community places, aesthetically pleasing workplaces – that’s what an interior designer does. To create these beautiful interiors you need to have both creative and technical skills. To guide you to choose the right career path, let’s learn how to become an Interior Designer, the course duration and the career options available. 

Here Are A Few Important Things You Should Consider Before Opting For A Career In Interior Designing

What does an Interior Designer do?

An interior designer will need to tap into a variety of areas through the use of furniture placement, colour palettes, decorations, and functional decor. With creative thinking and imaginative skills, Interior Designers can easily transform living rooms, offices, large corporations, or hotels into masterpieces. Most importantly, when you choose an Interior Design course, client satisfaction is one parameter that you must always prioritize. 

What are the careers related to Interior Design

There is an ocean of career opportunities in the industry, but if you’re the one inclined towards designing, it’s also recommended to choose a special niche instead of becoming a Jack-of-all-trades. So, here are a few options available: 

Commercial Interior Designer:

Services provided for public spaces and commercial buildings are referred to as commercial Interior Designing. You are free to give expert advice to clients or offer services for tasks like space planning and design of offices, restaurants, entertainment and community centers, studios, boutiques, museums, banks, libraries, etc. 

Residential Interior Designer:

Residential Interior Designing is one of the widely chosen Interior Design positions! Residential designers are expected to carry out renovation services like space allocation, building custom cabinetry and also help clients choose furniture items, textures, furnishings, colour schemes, and so on. 

Retail Interior Designer:

This field could be a little challenging, but might as well be the most interesting one. From shopping malls to shopfronts, or small shops to big shops, it could be anything. It could be a little complex and procedural depending on the size and scale of the store; but that is where the fun lies! As a retail Interior Designer, the sole purpose is to entice the customer to walk into space. 

Apart from the above stated options, there are ample of alternative careers for interior designers out there, and we are here to help you explore them! 

What are the responsibilities of an Interior Designer?

Once you’ve chosen Interior Designing as a career option the responsibilities may include:

  • Understanding the client’s requirements and acquiring all the necessary information.
  • Invest enough time in research, brainstorming and conceptualizing the ideas based on the recent trends.
  • Visualizing and sketching the designs.
  • Approval of the final plan from the client.
  • Implementation of the plan to ensure that the end result is aesthetic and functional.

Embark On Your Interior Designing Journey With ISDI – School of Design & Innovation

ISDI brings you the best Interior Design course in Mumbai which can be your next best design spot. We’ve received our curriculum development support from Parsons School of Design since its establishment in 2013. 

With this unique partnership, we ensure that every ISDI student has access to a global contemporaneity curriculum and proven teaching learning methods enabling them to be the design leaders of the future. What’s more? The industry’s best mentors guide our students on their Interior Design career path!

Eligibility Criteria:

Candidates who are currently in 12th grade and will be appearing for a 10 + 2 examination (eg. IGCSE – A levels, CBSE, HSC, IBDP, ISC etc.), or its educational equivalent in any other discipline (eg. Science, Commerce or Arts) are eligible to apply at ISDI. Also, at the time of application, the upper age limit should be 21 years. 

Duration of Course:

The Interior Design course duration at ISDI is a 4-year undergraduate program. We offer a platform for students to explore, discover and learn via field trips and various interactive opportunities. At ISDI, we make sure that you’ll transform physical spaces into functional and comfortable habitats. 

Application Fee:

At ISDI, prior to the Interior Designing course fees, you need to complete and fill the online application. After this step, you will receive an email on your registered email ID and this will direct you to the application fee payment gateway. Our application fee is INR 3500 which is non-refundable and non-transferable. 

Join the gang of mavericks and leaders who dream to make a difference, and prepare for Interior Design career opportunities at ISDI!

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