‘VANISHING THRESHOLDS’ by Atyaan Jungalwala

Thesis Abstract:

Observing Bombay city as my playing field, entering and exiting places that are both inviting and restricting; one’s own life that spins between high value real-estate to modest ones; from public transport into air-conditioned halls… the negotiations from one space into another is something that I am constantly reminded of – the threshold that one constantly has to cross over – the bridge and the separation from one space to another.


Interior design example


Today in newer developments in the city, spaces are becoming restrictive where borders threaten to become impervious. As security is tightening, more activities are moving into the interior becoming more exclusive and private. Therefore the threshold space becomes an important transition point. It is in this transition space where my research is based, from the macro of the larger city, narrowing down to the micro – that of my college building lobby in a predominantly corporate area of Lower Parel. Once a bustling mill land, where the city gained it’s wealth, the very area that brought in the migrants, transitioned from a landscape of chimneys and smoke to that of high-rise corporate buildings all within a span of fifteen years


Interior design plan



Credit- Atyaan Jungalwala

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