‘BEYOND THE FAÇADE’ by Niharika Mukhi

Thesis Abstract:

An insight into volumes, the role they play, the atmosphere they create and the feeling they enforce. Beyond the façade allows you to ponder over the study of such volumes, each distinct in shape, size, program and function in order to facilitate individuals to think beyond the archetypes of what has been done.

interior design project


What makes a space comfortable? Is it the height of the space or is it the area? The colours? Or the number of occupants? The truth is that comfort is subjective, encompassed within design that is also subjective and so are the feelings we feel within spaces, subjective. The senses of a human being are experiential factors of an interior space. The misunderstanding that most individuals come across is that interior design is solely dependent on sight. The truth is that people feel emotions, emotions are born out of thoughts, factors directly influenced by the five senses that provide comfort to every individual. Through my design I aim to break boundaries of conventional classroom design at The Podar Pre-Primary School, Worli. Interior Designers need to take into account a sensory experience along with visual appeal, they need to take into account the way a person feels by the touch of metal or the red colour on the wall, they need to think Beyond the Façade.

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Credit- Niharika Mukhi

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