‘CONFLUENCE Living Reimagined’ by Mauli Shah

Thesis Abstract:

Through this Capstone project titled ‘Confluence’, Mauli investigates into the lives of the MHADA (Maharashtra Housing and Development Authority) building residents, culminating in repurposed living spaces within a dense restricted urban environment.

Interior designing thesisThe MHADA is a wonderful initiative by the government of Maharashtra to provide housing in the ever-growing and dense urban jungle of Mumbai. The Capstone hence began with an effort to look into a typical living space within a MHADA apartment. The shell in itself wasn’t enough to provide a convenient lifestyle. Confluence is an effort to augment the lifestyle based on convenient and innovative methods as a starting point. The idea is to provide living solutions that are smart, durable, dynamic and compliment the lifestyle of every family member now and a decade hence. There was a lot of thought given to draw valuable inferences pertaining to their design wishes, their quotidian lifestyle and what resources are they willing to shell out in order to upgrade their lifestyle. Scrutinizing and relating the typical income of the user group under consideration with the total project cost is another facet of the proposition. Through a systematic survey analysis and door-to-door visits to the homes of the residents in MHADA buildings, the capstone aims at empathizing and imagining repurposed living spaces within the dense urban fabric

Interior design abstractCredit- Mauli Shah – Class of 2018

Mauli Shah

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