‘BIRDS IN THE CITY An Awareness Drive’ by Krisha Chheda

Thesis Abstract:

The project’s aim is to sensitize the citizens of Mumbai towards the ignored local flora and fauna through a mobile exhibition space that reaches its audience instead of them going to the exhibition.

interior design project

It’s very difficult to get people interested and aware about the different species of birds that reside in Mumbai. The existing programs that work with this topic are not at convenient locations and don’t provide information in a very understandable format, which is why people don’t prefer to visit these places. Which is why my project is designed in a way that the exhibition reaches the audience so that its more convenient for them to visit. The exhibition is also innovative as its on a bus which will catch peoples interest and they would want to visit it. This exhibition on wheels will stop at different location in the city and provide people with information about the different species of birds. This project is very important for the young generation in Mumbai as it makes them aware and tries to get them to be more involved to the nature and the other species that live amongst them in the same city.

interior design

Credit- Krisha Chheda – Class of 2018

Krisha Chheda

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