Thesis Statement:

Makaan by Akshay Monga

This thesis focuses on reconfiguring the existing floor plate of a residential Mumbai high-rise building, according to the user’s needs and requirements, while taking into account the users’ needs and requirements.

living room interior design

Major cities in India for example Mumbai has seen a 26.4% fall
in apartment sizes since 2010 till date in order to try to make homes more affordable for buyers. The phenomenon of shrinking apartment sizes is most pronounced in Mumbai, where property prices are the highest. After thorough research on various modern-day buildings, unoptimized utilization of the space is noticed, the thesis focuses on making the design more user-centric by giving the client the most in what the client has and in what the client can afford.

interior design layout

The thesis focuses on redesigning the present-day floor plans for the housing apartments, by using the same amount of space. Study and research on various modern-day buildings shows a very substandard usage of space provided, the thesis aims would to make the design more user-centric by giving the end user the most in what they have and in what they can afford.

The thesis would focus on providing multiple layouts that are possible in the given space, according to the user’s needs and requirements.

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