Kanmani by Nandini Anand

Thesis Statement:

Indian teenage fashion can be responsible, culturally rooted and yet progressive. ‘Kanmani is a Tamil word. It is a term of endearment used to address a beloved.

The world we live in today functions rigorously with the help of various systems. The Systems are several, one for each need; technological, political, social and economical. This doesn’t end here, the multifarious world of human beings has several systems within each of these systems. The complexity of it keeps increasing as one probes into it, often leading to chaos in the mind and further chaos when one begins to react to it.

Fashion design thesisThe social psychology of dress states that clothing reflects mental facts, social facts and norms that direct human behavior. Design plays a vital role in presenting a visual proof of this madness. People attach meaning to clothing and that meaning further influences the nature and scope of interactions.

Clothes designingThe teenage population is a part of this organized chaos. They are the flag bearers of a change they might be able to affect in this chaotic world. This collection is a creation dedicated to that part of our society that I hope, will take a step forward towards simplifying this chaos, adding method to the madness and moving towards a better world.

‘You must be the change you wish to see in the world.’ — Mahatma Gandhi

Kanmani by Nandini Anand 2019

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