FREEDOM by Saloni Parasrampuria

Thesis Statement:

I think fashion thinking has the potential to impact almost all product categories or experiences that come under the segment of lifestyle. Through my thesis I have explored the process of fashion thinking in the context of a ‘Concept Store’ that can offer a range of products + experiences that are carefully and thematically curated.

Fashion thesis by Saloni
Fashion: It’s a choice that you make; is the foundation for my thesis. Based on this thought, through my thesis I am celebrating the existence
of labor in India. I have tried producing some timeless pieces with basic silhouettes and style inspired by the ‘Indian forest’. The collection comprises of various lifestyle products where fashion thinking plays a great role. All the products are presented under the idea of a concept store- ‘FREEDOM’ which works like a live magazine. It houses all the categories of lifestyle products including womens’ wear, men’s wear, accessories, home decor and cosmetics.

FREEDOM by Saloni Parasrampuria 2019

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