Manage Smart by Madhura Chalke

Thesis Statement:

Re-designing a mobile application made for visitor management at commercials from a user centric perspective to positively enhance the user experience and minimize the error.

Visitor management thesissaid that ‘a visitor is a potential customer’ and no place would want a customer to have a bad experience on their visit, especially if the place is an established corporate and the visitor is an important candidate. ‘Visitor management’ is a term used when one is successful in managing the visitor flow anywhere. Hence visitor management at offices/commercials corporates etc. that is, any place linked with a business and an active visit flow is a primary concentration.

Visitor management abstractAccompanying visitor management would be the primary and everyday activities happening parallel inside the office premises, thus making scope for office management. visitor & office management system. This provides the users with the delight of operating a thoughtfully designed mobile application while keeping the user satisfaction as the core factor.

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