Luminux by Pallavi Patnaik

Thesis Statement:

The capstone project focuseson creating multiple range
of stunning high end designer products such as lighting, furniture, installation and home accessory which is unique to specific type of spaces. Keeping in mind the studio’s design identity while designing bespoke luxury products.

Driven by artistry and fascinated with form, Luminux is a creative collection of luxury lightings, furniture and home accessory designed in collaboration with Arjun Rathi Design. The studio strives for perfection to detail, craftsmanship and innovation in luxury products mainly lighting. When one gazes up in a space, what do they see? If they can envision luxury lighting, hopefully they see a world of potential. Designer lighting adds luxury and ambience in broad and fine strokes of unrivalled brilliance. Luxury lighting transforms the space, creates a sense of opulence and reshapes the overall experience of that space.

indoor lighting designThis thesis focused to enhance and manipulate different types and scale of indoor as well as outdoor spaces through high end custom-made lightings. Each design was inspired from either nature, architectural structures or objects such as jewellery. The projects involved understanding the context as well as exploring from traditional and transitional to contemporary and modern lightings. This opened up opportunities for building home decor product ideas that brought about a vivid contrast in the space through colours, patterns, forms and materiality.

This thesis also involves projects that revolved around the concept of “less is more” wherein the designed statement pieces played a leading role to fill large and open spaces that spoke volumes.

The primary intent of this capstone project was to build a unique experience through the products designed during the collaboration and learning about the level of detailing that is put into designing a single piece of luxury product.

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