The Statement Piece by Meeti Pahuja

Thesis Statement:

My thesis explores the brand ideology of a design studio that is a fashion-conscious brand that provides longevity and affordable luxury in the form of statement pieces.

Statement (n); a definite or clear expression of something. Piece (n); an object . So what is a statement piece? A statement piece, according to me, is something that enhances an ensemble, making it standout. It is that one element of transformation which makes you different, it may be a tiny ring or a glittering dress. Statement piece speaks for itself, a reflection of oneself.

Fashion styling thesisMy thesis explores the initial stage of brand building, which is the brand ideology. My business will be transacted through a high end studio that offers statement pieces designed through a combination of curation and customisation. The Studio will cater to fashion-conscious customers looking for stylistic innovations. Experimenting with various surface textures to create beautiful fabrics is one aspect. The studio will have mainly four categories of clothing: jackets, tops, including corsets, bottoms and dresses. The statement pieces will be a rendition of the classic silhouettes to add a personal touch.

Fashion abstractThey will range from simple, beautifully tailored garments to exquisite textures and embroideries that can be used for multiple occasions, never going out of style.

The Statement Piece by Meeti Pahuja 2019

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