Thesis Abstract:

‘Le Rêve (The Dream)’ by Sangeet Sadarangani

My thesis is that the creative process is personal. It’s an instinctive coming together, a montage of time, memory and feeling. My collection Le Rêve is a fashion story of sophistication, elegance and grace, influenced by my childhood memories of vacations in Mauritius, the forever changing oceans, the breeze, and the undulated soft lines that play on a substratum of eternal grace.

Fashion design modelMy thesis postulates that fashion can be subjective from designer to designer and as such can be owned and reinterpreted through a deeply personal lens. My collection is based on this philosophy and for its conceptualization. It draws from the fond memories of my childhood summers spent in the beautiful island of Mauritius. The beautiful ocean, walks on the beach, the feeling of calmness and serenity and the beautiful underwater life, which have been engraved in my memory, have inspired my surface treatments, colors, styles and silhouettes. The soft murmurs and the feeling of drowning in the overwhelming ocean of dreams and memory, is the mood underlying the collection. Along with my inspiration of the sea, my muse is a woman who is a combination of strength and sophistication, and who is surrounded by a mystical grace. She has an unmistakable aura and a powerful expressive quality. It’s this dream-like, recurring memory that has inspired me to seek this poetic expression in my style.

Photography of modelsCredit- Sangeet Sadarangani – Class of 2018

Sangeet Sadarangani

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