‘ASMI’ by Rhea Modi

Thesis Abstract:

To create an assertive, yet soft style statement with maternity fashion for the modern Indian woman. My thesis aims to articulate the aesthetic wants of a modern Indian, expecting mother with a clear understanding of her social and cultural context. This is about creating garments for the women who have transcended suffocating social conventions and carved their own niche in society today.

Maternity fashionMy thesis revolves around the design of maternity fashion, keeping in mind that there is a dearth of fashionable functional styles for to-be mothers, during and post their pregnancy. It is about presenting to them a range of easy, effortless fashion that resonates with their changing self- image. With breast-feeding fastenings, adjustable sizing for the body of the mother, the aim is to give her a garment that has aesthetic appeal along with addressing functional needs. The modern Indian woman wishes for something that is elegant and comfortable. She also wants something that’s long-lasting. I see the lack of maternity fashion as a social problem. It reflects the attitudes society has for women who do not fit the prevailing notion of glamourous perfection and unreal body- images. Society now needs to grow and respect women in this stage of motherhood and start recognizing her need for aesthetic style, reflecting her changing attitudes, expectations and desires.

Fashion abstractCredit –  Rhea Modi  – Class of 2018

Rhea Modi

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