Kalon by Dhwani Pahlajani

Thesis Statement:

My thesis redefines the experience of owning
a couture garment. This is couture that has stemmed from nature, is inspired by the power of nature, and was left to the fate of nature.

Coture garmentKalon – where art in nature is fashioned through couture.
The study of nature is a study of change and the things that are subject to change. At the heart of this thesis lies grace, charisma and the celebration of acceptance for the inevitable.

Fashion Design - Couture collectionIt is a journey that explores and embraces the power of nature through a couture collection. My thesis will rethink the experience of owning a couture garment. With every garment unfolds the story of my skin and the areas that have been touched by vitiligo. Kalon is a platform for women to experience traditional yet modern couture, with a mindful approach and appreciation for the spirit of nature. The pure essence of this thesis lies within the folds and behind the seams. Each outfit matures with every hand-done process, thus creating a symphony of perfect imperfections. Nature: personified.

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