Crumples & Creases by Aarohi Bansal

Thesis Statement:

Social Anxiety Disorder is the fear of being perceived wrongly by others. People with S.A.D struggle with self- presentation and identity management. This project addresses the issue of non-awareness of S.A.D & its symptoms in college-age students (17-22 years) to generate empathy and understanding of the mental health disorder through the means of a film. ‘Crumples & Creases’ is a short film that talks about what happens to these unspoken thoughts because of this dread of making the wrong impression.


Social anxiety disorder communication

How much of what we see, do we comprehend?
Identity plays an important role in perceiving our environment and the various constituents of it. Everyone’s definition of an identity is different, people usually think of it as a single entity. Identity can be from a fingerprint on a paper to a reflection in the mirror or even the emotions that one is feeling. Tangible and intangible factors affect our identity. One big part of it is how we think others perceive us. Sometimes how others perceive us overshadows our own sense of self. It begins to blur the lines of the reality of who we are.

Social Anxiety Disorder is living in this constant dread of being judged and scrutinized by others. It is being hyper-aware of yourself, your actions, your behaviour in relation to others perception of it. Our sense of self is at its inception during adolescence. We are vulnerable to so many outside influences that constantly affect our changing identity. Development of SAD during this stage can stop the person from exploring and experiencing things. The person starts to become more reserved. They start living under the weight of the labels other people have put on them. Not being able to say what you want makes that person feel trapped inside their own mind. They want to change how people see them but are afraid to do so.

Understanding and having empathy for someone with Social Anxiety can greatly help in easing their journey with anxiety. They put enough pressure on themselves, without everyone around them putting more.

‘Crumples and Creases’ is a short film on these unspoken thoughts trapped inside the mind because of its fear of being perceived wrongly.
Fear of making the wrong impression if spoken. The film aims to express this fear so that the next time, they can be understood and not resented.

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