The New Indian Bricolage by Shivani Saraf

Thesis Statement:

I intend to explore Indian draping so that I can learn about our history and can better understand our heritage. My thesis is about finding new contemporary expressions of the sari for Indian millennials who seek authenticity and relevance.

Indian draping fashionExploring Indian drapes as style statements is my main area of research, designing garments that can be easily worn and understood by the millennials. Also at the same time keeping in mind the Indian tradition and culture and taking the responsibility of keeping the tradition alive. My thesis will focus on providing a sense of Individualism to the women of today and tomorrow. In this world of globalisation we can say that all of us are looking for individualism as well as something unique to define us. My aim will be to cater the needs of the millennials by providing them designs that will be easy as well as comfortable to wear.

Comfortable fashion design Designing for the needs of the millennials who are Indian at heart by providing them styles that are contemporary expressions of the sari. How does the modern Indian millennial see herself? In what ways can she give expression to her individuality while still celebrating her unmistakable Indian identity? A bricolage of influences is my approach to fashioning this new identity, with a strong emphasis on style and gesture.

The New Indian Bricolage by Shivani Saraf 2019

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