‘THE MULTIVERSE’ by Avantika Rana

Thesis Abstract:

My thesis is to develop a new design process using existing clothing as the starting point. Inspired by the theory of the multiverse, that not only debunks the myth of the universe, it also baffles the mind by throwing open the idea of multiple dimensions to time and space. I have attempted to push the limits of my own thinking, by using archived clothing and then challenging their shapes and forms to create new details and silhouettes.

Modern cosmology in fashion

Modern cosmology has presented us with the idea that there exist a vast array of potential universes which are actually manifest in some way. This has been proven by scientists with multiple theories and experiments. My thesis draws from this theory. It has informed and inspired my creative process. My collection is for the new and the alien, it is an amalgamation of science and art. A new ideology…the bizarre and alien method; tapping information from something unrelated to fashion. Bridging the gap between the two furthest points, my collection has its own personality, its own coloring. It is innovative in the sense of perspective. The collection has been developed through a questioning of convention in the light of this new existential possibility. Archiving the clothing and turning it upside down, manipulating its forms was my way of questioning if there is another method of inventing. The experiments yielded the idea of repetitions, of singular details multiplied. The new forms were at once, exciting, sophisticated and expressed themselves beautifully through a restricted pairing of black and white. My muse is a young rebel, a misfit in (tired) convention. She is a woman who is free, experimental… but with an unmistakable culture of sophistication and elegance.

Fashion thesis by Avantika

Credit – Avantika Rana – Class of 2018


Avantika Rana

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