Thesis Abstract:

My thesis was to explore the creative process, beginning with a point of inspiration and curating it with a blend of impressions, influences and a personal aesthetic. I have brought together two forms of experience: one direct and the other, indirect. I have combined a personal memory with the imaginative renditions of the same done by autistic children to create a high-on-style resort wear collection.

“Color helps to express light, not the physical phenomenon, but the only light that really exists, that in the artist brain.” -Henri Matisse My thesis explores the creative process; starting from the point of inspiration and curating it through a blend of impressions, influences and personal aesthetic. Taking deep inspiration from the island of Burano, I have carried it forward as an inspiration for my collection, focusing on creating art from the vibrant pantones along with the emotion and glee I experienced. I also wondered about how these impressions could be interpreted through an exchange of memories, through images and words, and how they could undergo a transformation through an exceptionally imaginative mind. Autistic children, unfortunately, have only received sympathy from society whereas their extraordinary imaginative abilities have received very little acknowledgment and recognition. My memories of Burano Island were shared with these children who are lovingly nurtured in an NGO called Mann. The exercise generated beautiful, vibrant artworks that captured the essence of the place without all the unnecessary details. Their abstractions inspired my print and embroidery designs.

Credit – Itija Banerjee – Class of 2018

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