Twitch by Saloni Patel

Thesis Statement:

TWITCH is a collection designed for people suffering from an anxiety disorder. Through a thoughtful play of colours and textures, the collection is infused with details that fulfil your need to fiddle in style.

I decided to dedicate my collection to people who suffer from anxiety. My aim was to address their needs and make comforting, fashionable apparel for them. As a person going through the pains of anxiety myself, this project is very close to my heart One night, as I shifted restlessly in my bed, gripped by anxiety, I wondered, do people who suffer from anxiety actually use fidget spinners? Do they bury their problems under pulled sweatshirts or try to speak through their half-chipped nail polish? Are they tired of constantly seeking comfort? My aim was to create clothes that felt like a friend in a room full of strangers, clothes that promote functionality and exhibit confidence. I decided to use surface ornamentation that not only pleases the eye but is also extremely comforting. The dual coloured sequin provides oomph to the subtle pastel colours.

Fashion designingThe garment has been designed to sooth the client with its light soft fabrics, and the placements of the sequin and the tuft (a texture similar to towelling) are such that they will provide the wearer with a cool chic medium to fidget with, thereby alleviating anxiety.

My colour palette is informed by the concept of ‘colour therapy’ which draws a causal relationship of one’s mood with the colours he/ she chooses to wear. Soft pastel colours form the base of the collection. To break the dullness, bright colours are used in contrast, which represents joy and vibrancy.

Fashion industryUnfortunately, in India, anxiety is not taken as seriously as it
should be. When people come out about their anxiety and share their experiences they are shrugged off. This can further make them anxious and lonely. My aim through this collection is to provide relief to people suffering from this mental health issue. It’s an age-old saying, after all, that one should be comfortable in their own skin.

Twitch by Saloni Patel 2019

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