RED A Warning Colour by Malvika Ruparel

Thesis Statement:

The thesis explores a metaphoric application of adaptive techniques present in nature, to bold and gender and size-neutral garments.

Fashion models 2Through my thesis, I study the concept of adaptation in a metaphoric way and focus on the psychological aspects of social adaptations among human beings. I look at extremism as a method of adaptation but more importantly as something we as society need to adapt to and address.

I find that groups are the foundation of such fanaticism. A single extremist mind holds no power unless there are others echoing the same views, giving the extremist the fuel to openly share and act on his thoughts. To remove extremism at its source, we need to do away with the concept of groups and boundaries.

Fashion models 3The thesis addresses this in its own small way by creating a knit wear collection which is gender, size and age neutral. The colours are bold, like warning colours are in nature. The silhouettes are large and baggy, to make the wearer feel bigger and stronger. Extremism of any kind waters down to the institution of groups. Without a group, there exist no extremist and without the other group, there exist no extremism.

RED A Warning Colour by Malvika Ruparel 2019

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