Here’s some food for thought – consider you are shopping. Do you end up visiting your favorite fashion brand? What made you choose a store – the outlet, products, recommendations from other people, or curiosity? Possibly all of the above.


Enticing consumers to buy a particular product is at large through a phenomenon called digital branding. Every industry uses branding techniques, more so the fashion industry. Brands like Louis Vuitton and Zara are known to be high-end and high-quality, an image they have established through the years.

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So, let’s dive into understanding the works of digital branding and strategies you can use for marketing in the digital age.


What is branding in digital marketing?


Marketing in the digital age is highly driven by businesses’ strategies to reach prospective consumers and turn them into customers for their products. As a future design expert, you’ll be handling many such stages in the production process to understand what the consumer’s seeking.


So, you can understand fashion branding as a component of these new-age marketing strategies. Fashion branding is the way a fashion brand establishes its image in the mind of consumers. Branding in digital marketing usually includes names, colors, designs, symbols, and any other distinguishing characteristic of a business.


Branding is everything you do with the public persona of your brand. Be it the quality of your customer service, or the quality of your products, everything is included. Now, you would ask- what’s the big deal?


Why is digital branding important?


In an age where the public is focused on digital things, you need to revisit branding in digital marketing. Digital branding is focused on how you build your online persona through websites, apps, social media, and more. It uses the techniques of digital age marketing as well as internet branding.

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Fun Fact: It takes just 0.05 seconds for people to form an opinion about a business’s website! Furthermore, about 73% of consumers cite customer experience as an important factor in their purchasing decisions, according to a report by PWC, 2018.


In a world where everyone is constantly using devices, digital branding becomes essential. Employing some e-branding strategies will give you the following benefits:


  • Strong Identity – Consumers will be able to recognize you instantly and you’ll be able to communicate your brand value in a better manner.
  • Social Outreach – Constant engagement with consumers and encouraging discussions around your brand will make people curious about your products.
  • Distinction – With successful digital branding, you’ll be able to communicate your values with your chosen audience, helping your business grow steadily.


Now that you know how branding in digital marketing is important, let’s look at some e-branding strategies to get you going!


What are some E-branding strategies?


Fashion communication plays a very important role in fashion branding as it builds an identity for fashion businesses, helping them reach out to their potential customers.


You can use the following strategies for digital branding to get the best results:


  • Identify your target audience

Every brand has a specific type of consumer that they attract the most. Identifying who likes to consume your products will help you generate a personalized user experience, design campaigns for successful conversions, and give you the correct direction. Surveys or Google Analytics can be used to understand user behavior.


  • Outline the benefits of your label

Now, let’s say you end up choosing to become a luxury clothing designer. There are many luxury brands out there, some in the field for a long time. You’ll be able to attract customers by outlining the key benefits of your clothing line, which will set you apart from other brands.

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  • Create a good image

Design skills, assemble! E-branding strategies are the most effective when you leave a powerful impression on consumers. Focus on making a logo that is unique, classy, and remarkable. An enticing color palette with a touch of inspirational outlook will portray you as an authentic label.


  • Communicate your brand’s story

A significant part of branding in digital marketing is about emotionally appealing to consumers. You can do this by forming a bond with the customers, through communicating your journey. For example, Zara started with just 30 Euros and went out to become a global luxury brand. The shop was supposed to be named Zorba, after the movie, but due to a bar having the same name on that street, they changed it to Zara. Makes you feel appreciative of their efforts, right? That’s how you go about it.


  • Content Strategy

We know that your creative minds will create the best content strategy. At the end of the day, it’s your content that behaves like your brand voice. Developing a content strategy will therefore help you gain customers and nurture them in such a manner that you can retain them.


Design courses after 12th not only focus on fashion or product designing, but are also helpful for fields like marketing and branding. You can become a design manager, fashion consultant, market researcher, or purchase manager.


You might end up owning a label and then presenting your brand to the customers, or working as a fashion marketer to help a brand reach greater heights. Whichever line you choose, these e-branding strategies will be very useful for your future projects.


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