Nino by Hirina Moolchandani

Thesis Statement:

My intention is to set up a structure based on the creative work required to build a children’s wear label that caters to the Indian market looking for fashionable apparel, which is not only sensitively designed, but at the same time is age appropriate and produced with a modern aesthetic.

girls playingMy thesis project revolves around building a children’s wear brand which focusses on creating fashion products that pay careful attention to details in the form of soft seaming, nonabrasive embroideries, delicate edging and flat wash care and sizing labels whilst ensuring that these products suffice to meet the highest quality standards. The defining aesthetic of my work would be the strong focus towards comfort for the child in terms of using soft, enclosed seams and hand-crafted garment details drawn from thematic experimentation of photography and abstraction converted to embroidery and print.

children in gardenI want my brand to be able to enhance the experience for both a mother and her child, drawing complete focus on materiality and ease, thus emphasising on a) easy silhouettes and (b) a selective range of soft, natural fabrics. I want my clothing to be expressive in nature, for each garment to tell a story, evoking strong feelings and emotions when the child sees or wears it. Thus, each garment in a collection lays strong emphasis on the use of visuals which are simple and playful, yet pleasing and attractive to the child’s eye

Nino by Hirina Moolchandani Fashion Design 2019

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