Thesis Abstract:

The millennials are a generation of individuals that lead paradoxical lives and are constantly tormented by the chaos in their minds. Quick to form opinions, but lacking the courage to adhere to them, they are displaced amidst the irony of who they disguise themselves to be versus who they truly are.


Shirt buttons in the back


We struggle to form a common ground between the views of society and our own. When we cannot find these commonalities, we dilute our opinions to merge with the popular and become conformists. My collection draws from this chaos and our deep need to find our ground and rise above the murky complexities of our social selves. It explores order and displacement in and through the details of a classic white shirt. Lines move across the body in bold sleights, and exaggerated and re-purposed plackets and collars are the strong definitive statements that characterize this style by emphasizing the undertone of our distorted thoughts and personalities.


Fashion Top

Credit- Taniya Gaba

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