For many of us, social media has become the hub of the latest trends and fashion inspiration. #OOTD posts, #GRWM videos, and shopping hauls are now the guiding light for those who either struggle with picking an outfit or just want to spice up their fashion game.

Who wore what is just a click away today, so we might as well take advantage of it. If you love a fashion page on Instagram that’s creative, unconventional, yet relatable, check out these top 10 fashion bloggers who are acing the wardrobe game right now!


  • Chiara Ferragni – (@chiaraferragni)

Chiara Ferragni

Chiara Ferragni’s influence extends far beyond the internet, as made evident that her e-commerce site is more successful than those of some of the most well-known fashion brands. If you think Chiara Ferragni’s clothing is enviable, you’d be right. Her 26 million Instagram followers are proof that she is one of the best fashion bloggers on instagram. Even though Ferragni doesn’t normally tag her outfits unless it’s a sponsored picture, her unique style is obvious; she doesn’t experiment with trends she doesn’t like.


  • Santoshi Shetty – (@santoshishetty)

Santoshi Shetty

From pursuing architecture to becoming the founder of The Styledge, Santoshi has changed the way we perceive millennial fashion in the Indian industry. Her Instagram feed highlights the importance of taking risks with fashion. To fully adore fashion, you must be willing to experiment and express your style. While Santoshi’s style tends toward the edgier side, she also demonstrates how a basic dress can be made trendy and stand out when accessorized correctly and worn with self-assurance. Despite her years of experience, her style remains effortless and stylish allowing her to stand out in the many fashion bloggers in India.


  • Siddharth Batra – (@siddharth93batra)

Siddharth Batra

Siddharth, the styling editor of MensXP and a famous fashion blogger, has an unconventional taste when it comes to fashion, skincare, and everything in between. He is redefining men’s fashion while breaking the stereotypes around masculinity as he experiments with makeup and grooming.

Siddharth Batra takes a step towards breaking society’s rigid standards for men and is paving the way for gender neutrality. He wants men to start simple skincare and makeup routines, and he emphasizes the idea that basic beauty products can be used for self-care as well. Evolving the men’s fashion in India, his page makes him one of the top fashion influencers in India.



  • Masoom Minawala Mehta – (@masoomminawala)

Masoom Minawala Mehta

Fashion blogger and CEO of the famous fashion portal, Miss Style Fiesta, Masoom Minawala is a name you cannot miss while searching for some serious fashion inspo. From being a fashion stylist to becoming a style icon, Masoom is reigning over the globe with her creative yet relatable fashion sense. Not just that, Masoom has been curating a framework to put Indian fashion on the global map through her content since the beginning of her journey. She has been on the list for the best Indian fashion influencers on instagram.

Her fashion page on Instagram is a treat to watch due to the burst of colors and her smile. Have you checked out #MTFW yet?


  • Matta Kompal Kapoor – (@kompalmattakapoor)

Matta Kompal Kapoor

If you’re looking for fashion influencers in India or the States, for traditional or high-fashion, Kompal has got you covered. She is simply hard to miss. With her urban-chic sense of style, Kompal juggles between keeping it trendy and traditional. Be it killing it in a saree or a winter fit, this girl knows best!

On a side note, if you see someone crossing the streets of New York in a lehenga or saree, you will know who she is!


  • Aimee Song – (@aimeesong)

Aimee Song

Song started blogging in 2008 while she was a student at the University of San Francisco’s School of Interior Architecture. After seeing how much interest there was in her postings about her outfits, Song decided to turn her site into a personal style blog instead of just a place where she could show off her work as an interior designer. Aimee Song, a Los Angeles-based fashion influencer with a 6.3 million-strong Instagram following, has caught the attention of the likes of Dior, Louis Vuitton, and Laura Mercier thanks to her innovative approach to dressing, making her one of the best fashion bloggers on instagram.


  • Diipa Buller-Khosla – (@diipakhosla)

Diipa Buller-KhoslaIn the nearly seven years since she left law school, Diipa has become a self-made global influencer with over a million loyal followers. She knows how to play the influencer game.

She’s won three “Influencer of the Year” awards for her high-quality main page content, as well as a slew of prestigious brand collaborations, global magazine covers, Cannes red-carpet runs, influencer titles, and TEDx awards. Quite evidently, If you’re looking for the best fashion influencers on Instagram who are entertaining yet stylish, just type @diipakhosla in your search box!


  • Sakshi Sindwani – (stylemeupwithsakshi)

Sakshi Sindwani

Sakshi Sindwani has been influencing the fashion industry and society’s perception of curvy women. As the fashion blogger, size-positive influencer, and general confidence booster behind #StyleMeUpWithSakhi, she has been instrumental in presenting a different perspective on size. Sindwani’s quick videos will teach you how to wear fancy silk pieces or how to mix prints, and how to not let trolls decide what’s right for your body. She is quite often tagged as being one of the best body positive Indian Fashion Influencers on Instagram.


  • Nicole Warne – (@nicolewarne)

Nicole Warne

Nicole Warner is a pioneering digital influencer with over 1.7 million Instagram followers. In 2009, when social media was still a mystery, she opened Gary Pepper Vintage, an online vintage store. She is in high demand because of her wide range of creative abilities and attention to the smallest details in her work. She has to be the best fashion blogger on Instagram.


  • Gabi Gregg – (@gabifresh)

Gabi Gregg

This adventure began for Gabi Gregg because she was fed up with the frustrating lack of options available to ladies of extra size. When she started blogging a decade ago, she aimed to illustrate and pave the road for those who want to be more confident about their bodies while maintaining their style and lively personality. Her clothing brand, Premme, caters to plus-size women, and her ensembles are as vibrant as she is. When she teamed up with ‘Playful Promises,’ she introduced us to the ‘fatkini,’ and demonstrated how it’s done.


Mariano Di Vaio

Italian-born Mariano Di Vaio is a prominent blogger who brings a European flavor to his content. A modern gentleman, he wears hats, vests, and well-tailored suits from Italy. However, even when dressed in more casual attire, his fashionable modern wardrobe features tailored shirts, sleek coats, and activewear. He also has an extensive collection of designer shoes. His followers can learn from Mariano about the importance of wearing correctly and putting effort into their attire. Whether he’s out for a round of golf, a cup of coffee, or just hanging out with his wife and family, he always manages to look sharp.


  • Kritika Khurana – (@thatbohogirl)

Kritika Khurana

Kritika Khurana, aka ThatBohoGirl, established herself in the fashion community by simply blogging her thoughts on trends, couture, and OOTDs at a time when influence was in its infancy stage. She is frequently referred to as the “Original Instagrammer” and has kept her style casual and approachable. This Indian fashion influencer will make you fall in love with ethnic jewelry to top it off!


  • Frédérique Harrel (@freddieharrel)

Frédérique Harrel

She is a Parisian-based stylist, blogger, and fashion marketer known as Frédérique Harrel (aka Freddie). One of our favorite up-and-coming fashionistas, she has 178K followers on Instagram and a distinct style that helps her stand out at Fashion Week. Her sense of style is super chic and crip but at the same time playful and modern. Go check out her fashion page on Instagram for some inspiration!


  • Abhinav Mathur – (@_abiz_)

Abhinav Mathur

You can’t take your eyes off his Instagram feed because this lifestyle influencer will steal your heart. Abhinav Mathur has completely redefined men’s fashion, and we can’t get enough of it. His curated set of looks includes everything from casual to formal wear—follow him for daily inspiration. His extravagant dressing sense qualifies him for inclusion on our list of top Indian men’s fashion bloggers.


Fashion on social media is available in a variety of styles and sizes. Even though there are millions of accounts that are in some way or another related to fashion, they represent people or businesses from a wide range of different backgrounds. Fashion designers, boutiques, make-up artists, photographers, models, bloggers, journalists, and influencers are all examples of those who fall into this category. There is a place for everyone, and if you are interested in learning more about it, you should give it a shot.

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