Do you find yourself being attracted to luxury goods? Are you curious to explore, experiment, and understand the techniques of the luxury goods market? 


If you look forward to working in the textile sector, then fashion luxury and lifestyle design is the perfect field for you! To give you a general idea, Lifestyle product design will help you to bridge the gap between aesthetics, and manufacturing, and understand the overall business model of the luxury industry. 


Curious to find out in detail what luxury fashion and lifestyle design mean? Read on to find out!


What is fashion luxury and lifestyle design?


Luxury items go beyond the idea of being expensive. In the present time, you’ll describe luxury items as highly desirable pieces due to their quality and exclusivity. 


Luxury fashion and lifestyle design designers specialize in the luxury goods market of garments, textiles, accessories, and interior products. 


The designers are responsible for making goods that are trusted for their high quality and exceptional designs. Especially, it’s about creating items that sets them apart from other people. 


Did you know? 

According to Statista, the revenue of the luxury goods market amounts to US $312.60 billion in 2022. 

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The luxury design gives you a platform for self-expression while exercising style and comfort. You’ll be responsible to provide your clients with an environment through which they receive comfort and happiness. 


Let’s look at which characteristics set luxury fashion brands apart from other brands!


Characteristics of luxury fashion brands


Fun fact: Luxury fashion is the leading product group in luxury products. The revenue of the luxury watch and jewelry market worldwide is 57.3 billion euros!


Luxury brands create items, not for just sale, but to create a lifestyle. Being different from mass production brands, luxury fashion brands focus on excellent quality, high prices, scarcity, and exceptional storytelling. 


From luxury fashion logos to lifestyle accessories design, everything will be designed in a way that your brand doesn’t chase the consumer but the other way around. 


As a luxury brand, your designs will:



  • Curate an experience


Luxury fashion is all about how a product makes your client feel. Each design and piece of work is impressive for a person because it feels personalized and a class above other people. The clothes that people purchase from you, make them feel exceptional about their choices.



  • Uniqueness


As mentioned above, luxury items make a person feel unique. You would be wondering why. This is because most luxury items are scarce and exclusive, like limited editions or waitlists, etc. 



  • Appreciable aesthetics


Lifestyle design focuses on personality and the aura one wants to exhibit with a product. When your client wears a lifestyle accessories design or luxury fashion product, it will compliment their visuals and aesthetics at all times. 



  • Strong brand identity 


Luxury brands have a striking identity and personality which aligns with a specific look or cause. For example, fashion brands, specifically Tiffany, have become the most romantic symbol of love. 

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Some luxury fashion brands you would have heard of include:


  • Gucci – it is the brand’s choice of materials and exclusive design that makes it one of the luxury brands. Being a top class Italian designer, the brand chooses only high quality product materials and world class designers. 
  • Dior – the fact that the brand revolutionized women’s clothing after the second world war, makes it a luxury fashion brand. It has a rich history and is cited as being a catalyst for Paris’ revival as the fashion capital. 
  • Chanel – Chanel has a unique identity, that keeps attaining modernity while having rich history connotations. It is the hallmark of beauty products and luxury couture with its fragrant perfumes, clothes, etc., which gives a graceful and endearing feeling to the customers.
  • Tiffany – Tiffany has become the emblem of what love represents. With its exceptional designs and gold and diamond jewelry, it is one of the most popular luxury brands
  • Rolex – Rolex has been in the market for a long time and has gained trust of many customers for its sturdy, robust, and reliable watches. It is the most sought-after lifestyle accessories design brand.


Now that you know what sets apart luxury fashion brands, you would have noticed that all of their logos exhibit a memorable style and exclusivity. But they have a certain commonness about them. Let’s dig a little bit deeper there. 


What’s special about luxury fashion logos?


Luxury fashion brands design their logos in a manner that showcases their values and behaviors. You would notice that:


    • Their logos always have very few elements, what you’ll call a minimalist approach. This represents confidence for a luxury brand. 
    • Usually, luxury fashion logos are designed in black, white, or dark gray colors. The color scheme never clashes with one another and never goes out of fashion. 


  • Luxury brands focus on having an elegant and refined font. They are perfectly spaced and legible. The font that a luxury fashion brand selects, brings freshness to the eyes of the consumers. 


  • Many luxury fashion brands have emblem logos as they represent traditionality, prestigiousness, and high quality. 

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Now we suppose you have a basic idea of what sets apart the luxury goods market from other items. Thinking about which career path you could choose after graduating in fashion luxury and lifestyle design?. Well, you are in for a surprise! 


There are many positions where you’ll be fitting in like:


  • Luxury brand manager
  • Luxury goods product manager
  • Fashion retail buyer
  • Fashion PR specialist 
  • Luxury marketing
  • Visual merchandiser
  • Textile designer


And many more. If you are looking to work in lifestyle design and fashion luxury, we are here to make your passion and dreams come true. 


How can ISDI help: 


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The ISDI campus is located in the business district of Mumbai, the commercial center of India. ISDI consists of a curriculum that is based on that of the Parsons School of Design, experienced and industry-leading faculty, and practical project-based training, all situated on a state-of-the-art campus. ISDI is just the right place for someone looking to start a career in design. 

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