‘To Earth with Love’ by Purvisha Nadkarni

Thesis Abstract:

My thesis is that fashion is powerful in so far that it is presented as an ethical choice. My collection is an aesthetic curation of two separate conversations: the eternal human love for beauty and perfection and the disorder and destruction we’ve wreaked on our planet in our mindless pursuit of ‘more’. Fashion is a conscious decision. I believe, it can care even as it continues to engage with beauty and style. Now’s the time to actively respond to our changing environment and redefine true sophistication and grace.Fashion design

One of the major problems we face today is of climate change but regardless of this, some people still believe that it is a hoax and just a theory , while others don’t really pay any attention to it. They think just because they know that the glaciers are melting they understand what climate change is, but they still refuse to understand the severity of the situation. Only when you see side by side, pictures of the past and the present, you realise there is problem. My approach to this is to create awareness and not instigate propaganda. I truly believe that despite the disparities of the world, nature has never failed to retain its beauty. The inspiration for my collection is an elegant silhouette that stands out with the idea of delivering a message. Through the textures and embroideries created, a sense of understanding of who we are, where do we stand, and what the repercussions of our mindless actions could do to our surroundings. These particular surface textures are influenced by the page – Evidence of Climate Change on the NASA website. I have taken real life images from the website to showcase in my own way, the depletion of nature because of our actions. I also wish to pay an homage to our planet. The idea of this collection is to spread a message through the medium of fashion. No matter our actions, big or small, they have repercussions. Alber Elbaz once said “ Fashion is pure, intense emotions. It’s not about design. It’s about feelings” And that is what I want to achieve with my collection, to start a conversation.

Fashion clothes & shoesCredit –  Purvisha Nadkarni – Class of 2018

Purvisha Nadkarni

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