Paradigm Shift by Simran Merwah

Thesis Statement:

The thesis is directed at creating an intersection of fashion, art and technology, through the trajectory of studying parametric architecture, fractal geometry and digital fabrication.

Black fashion dressAs a generation I believe we are ready for “more”. I am intrigued by the possibility of the future of fashion being beyond fabric in its conventional sense. A paradigm shift that will take place not only in our views of fashion but also our wardrobes.

Future of fashionThe journey of this thesis is a comprehensive study and research in shaping the future of fashion through these ideas and translating them into garments that are cutting edge and dynamic. While recurring tessellations and patterns direct the visual language.

The collection is solely black; when you drain out the colour all that remains is the material, texture and form. Through my thesis I intend to create a collection that lies at the intersection of fashion, art and technology; A syzygy of exploring materials, 3d printing and fractal geometry; Transcending textile through technology. Blurring the lines between wearable art and ready to wear.

Paradigm Shift by Simran Merwah 2019

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