Creator’s Habitat Growing Fashion Forward by Krisha Kothari

Thesis Statement:

To create an ecosystem that empowers and enables budding fashion entrepreneurs to get a foothold in the retail industry.

The Creator’s Habitat , is a thesis project attempted to create
a new outlook towards the existing retail industry in India. Taking the small fashion startup brands into consideration, it has been understood that these entrepreneurs in the retail industry lack the opportunity to physically showcase their products or services to a large audience. Thus, this project could be one of the ways to evaluate how temporary physical stores (pop-up stores) could create value towards the same.

Pop up storesThis project explores various methods and concepts that could enrich the retail experience for upcoming entrepreneurs and customers. The idea is to design a space that is more adaptable, transformative and collaborative in terms of the layout . The Creator’s Habitat is an experiential brick & mortar to cultivate a community that supports the consumer brands of the future. It is believe that the future of retail is a call to know who’s behind your favourite products, what their story is, and building deep trust to support a new wave of entrepreneurship.

Innovation in retail industryThis concept elevates shopping. It’s a space made for experiences, to help online-only brands secure both co-working space and their first physical storefront. The future of retail is more than just a storefront but a sharable experience between makers and customers.

This space is designed for the upcoming fashion entrepreneurs, where, they can over a period of three months use the space in order to test, learn, iterate and validate their products or services along with other start-up brands, from the same market segment.This incubator like space can allow every brand to interact, communicate and engage themselves with people or ideas from different perspectives.
It could eventually become a community of new innovations from the same segment trying to make an impact in the larger retail ecosystem.

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