‘ANBUKKUDIL Affection+Shelter’ by Sheril Jain

Thesis Abstract:

This Capstone is an effort to better equip an existing emergency shelter for flood victims, and explore the notion of space as an aid for revival, adaptation and prolonged use.

Garden designing

Natural disasters do not just end lives but also end the hope of living if left with life. This project explores opportunities to make living after disasters hopeful by creating a level of preparedness within a disrupted system. The capstone addresses spatial needs of the most vulnerable section of the community (women, children and elderly) during the time of a flood. The design intervention is housed within a multipurpose emergency evacuation hall in Thiyagavalli village in Cuddalore district in state of Tamil Nadu, India. This project aims to change the perspective of an emergency shelter from being just a large community hall where people have no private space and no place for a community to come together and interact during their most vulnerable times. The aim is also to promote togetherness in the space by providing community gathering space while keeping in mind their privacy.

Design private spacesAnbukkudil is a humble, hopeful effort to create a module which works for the community and the organizations during the time of a calamity. The space can also be used for responder’s training and other such programs by the organizations when it’s not occupied by the evacuees. This module can be applied to other evacuation centers around the country with certain modifications keeping in mind the context of the place. A hope to live and grow is a big boon in the life of a flood survivor. All one can aim for through this project is to give that HOPE.

Credit – Sheril Jain – Class of 2018

Saaniya Shah

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