‘ARBEIDSGLEDE Workspaces of the future’ by Shiv Salian

Thesis Abstract:

This project revolves around the dynamics of the future of workspaces and in turn, strives to achieve a balance in productivity, user satisfaction and work efficiency through predictive design intervention.

Interior designing exampleAn investigation into the work-life of the people of Mumbai and other metropolitan cities reveals a pattern where it was found that inefficient/poorly designed spaces, lead to fewer social interactions amongst colleagues. That along with the distance people travel to work leads to a highly inefficient system that leads to time management issues and a highly unsatisfactory work experience. The thesis proposes intervention into multiple workspaces that are strategically positioned around the city, that are fully equipped for freelancers of the future. With the availability of private as well as public/ social spaces. The envisioned space will have public work areas, private cubicles, meeting rooms as well as an IT section with the ability to store data to a central database that can be accessed by the user from any of the sites scattered around the city. The idea of having multiple spaces positioned around the city is purely for convenience and is another factor in creating an efficient system. Another feature is having 24/7 availability, giving users another layer of flexibility. The way the system works is, the user or company will pay a base monthly rate depending on the number of users that will give them access to any of the spaces spread around the city. This system has the potential to radicalize how freelancers and small business owners work and use their time, as well as changing the image of ‘going to work’ to a more positive and enjoyable experience.

Interior designing plan

Credit – Shiv Salian – Class of 2018

Shiv Salian

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