‘OUTSIDE IN Work Hard, Play Harder’ by Rohan Poojara

Thesis Abstract:

This project aims at creating a deployable indoor typology of a football zone which encourages people to play within their own office environments, thus promoting a larger sports culture.

interior design 3d plan

The idea of the capstone is to cater to people who want to play football, and either have no time or energy to play after their work hours, for whatever reasons, as well as to create a culture and environment of people playing together more often. What it is: The project is a set of 3 different sized modules of football fields which can fit into an office space if the space is available, which allows for not only expulsion of energy and exercise, but also allows individuals to be more productive by spending said energy in a positive manner. The system is not only limited to just the playing field, but the module comes with a changing or locker room based on the size of the field that is provided. Overall the system is a shell which allows for customization which allows the user or the organization to personalize the shell to their preferences. How does it work: The module is collapsible which allows for easy assembly and transport from place A to B. This creates a system in which the module can be rented out by companies and set up which allow for people within the office to use as soon as possible. The module would be made out of cost effective materials, yet long lasting and durable materials which allows for the module to withstand the constant use of the space. The idea of the module was to be easy to assemble and put up as well as be practical within the kinds of space available while still providing an area of ease and comfort as well as rivalry which brings the competition out in people and get more people to come and use the space. The locker room is an interesting concept, as it comes with a changing room/rooms, a shower area, and a locker system which allows for people playing to securely keep their goods without having to worry about their security. The locker room being completely portable as well, uses the system of a camping shower to provide an amenity to people that was otherwise not possible in the environment.

interior design illustration planCredit- Rohan Poojara – Class of 2018

Rohan Poojara

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