Transform Spaces: Build A Great Career In Interior Design

Are you someone that can’t stop thinking about having your own space with your choice of decor? Do you go to places and imagine how you could twist them around with just a touch of aesthetic designing and have an eye for detailing? If yes, well, let’s just say you’re reading the correct article!

While everyone tries to improve their quality of life constantly, interior designers play a significant role in doing so. The need for interior designers in India is growing each day and if you’re reading this article, we know you’re low-key considering being one too.

Well don’t worry, we’re here to tell you all about a career in interior designing and its scope in India, but before that let’s take a look at what interior designers do.

Interior designers are professionals who specifically study the ‘how’ of making any space light up with the help of their creativity, multitasking skills, and enthusiasm. An interior designer collaborates with clients to create spaces that are pleasing to the eye, beautiful, and aesthetic.

Their clients can range from large corporations to owners of mansions or even apartments. The major task that these professionals do is meet the clients’ expectations of what they want their space to look like while at the same time making sure the space is beautiful and functional.

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Difference between Interior Decorators and Interior Designers:

Interior designers design the space to look aesthetically pleasing and interior decorators make use of certain elements and decorations to help make the place beautiful. There may be certain overlaps in the roles they both share.

The work of interior designers revolves around using the space efficiently but making the best use of their creativity to leave an impact on their clients.


Scope of Interior Designing in India

Interior design in India is a growing industry and is rapidly expanding due to the hike in demand for living spaces. With a rise in the population of the country, the need for efficiently utilized and well-organized spaces has become the need of the hour.


A professionally qualified interior designer can work in various fields and areas such as:

  • Commercial spaces
  • Museums
  • Art galleries
  • Private projects
  • Government projects

When speaking specifically of commercial spaces several projects can be undertaken by an interior designer. These projects can be divided as:

  • Retail Stores 

Such as warehouses, shopping centers or even conference centers are part of retail projects.

  • Leisure Venues

May include cinemas, gyms, and other similar projects.

  • Hospitality Sector 

Consists of restaurants, hotels, pubs, cafes, club projects.

  • Education Sector

Includes projects at schools and other educational institutes such as universities and colleges

  • Healthcare Sector 

Involves projects on nursing and care homes, private clinics, and hospitals.

The role of an interior designer requires them to work in coordination with architects, builders, and engineers. A lot of planning and its timely execution is required in the field of interior designing. Their role is to make any space functional, attractive, comfortable, and beautiful.

A student who has completed a course in interior designing can make a great career as:

  1. A 3-D interior designer
  2. An Interior decorator
  3. An Interior designer, and more.

The only significant difference between a 3-D interior designer and an interior designer is that a 3-D interior designer makes use of several angles and views to take into account the details of designing such as the elements that are required to enhance and beautify space. For instance, the elements required such as furniture appliances and their designs in terms of color, texture, et cetera, and studies how these will look in the space available with the help of 3 D technology.

Fun fact: The average pay/salary of an Interior Designer in India is ₹305,823/year. Pretty cool right?


Do you have what it takes?

Several qualities are required for someone that wants to be a professional in the field of interior designing.

The people that wish to make a career in the field are required to have the following skills or gain them with the help of professional training:

  1. A creative or artistic ability.
  2. Management and communication skills as the work often requires coordination amongst various professionals and team members.
  3. Financial and fiscal ability to manage budgetary requirements efficiently.
  4. In-depth understanding and knowledge of the elements and materials required.
  5. An eye for detail.

Someone with these qualities can make a great career in the field of interior design, but if you think you don’t have one or two of these, don’t worry you can always learn these and more. After all, practice makes one perfect!


Qualifications required to become an interior designer: 

The academic qualifications required for a student pursuing interior designing are as follows:

  • A diploma level of graduation level course in interior designing.
  • The all India entrance exam for design is also an alternative.
  • A B.Sc degree in interior design from a recognized university.
  • A 2 years Masters of Science degree in interior design.
  • Any student who has completed a graduation or post-graduation course from an accredited university is eligible to be a professional interior designer.

There are bachelor’s and master’s level courses available too for students interested in interior design.


In conclusion

Interior designers are driven by their passion for creativity and unique designs. They have an eye for detail and are open to learning new things that help them create their magic in limited spaces!

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The scope of interior design in India is quite broad with ever-changing trends in the field and culture of the country. Are you someone that has the ability and skill required in the field? Our interior design course is just the right match for you!


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