‘ANKURAM Where Knowledge Blossoms’ by Aarya Avashia

Thesis Abstract:

This project proposes a new, efficient school system that would allow students to gain the education that each one is entitled to, through a challenging design intervention for a low budget, multilingual Municipal School environment in Mumbai.

Classroom design

The space that a child learns, plays a very important role in their growth, which can not be ignored. Numerous municipal schools have unfortunately been subjected to very poor conditions which in turn affects the basic right of acquiring education. There are numerous constraints and restrictions at various levels including sizes of the existing layouts and not to mention the problems faced in day to day logistics and management. This was the point of intervention in the project – Ankuram. It is a humble effort to bring in the most necessary changes/ reformations that will bridge the divide. The aim was to achieve an ideal growing or learning environment. The investigation began with various municipal schools with the fervor to address this situation in hand and eventually lead to choosing Mohili Village School as the site to create a prototype that can be replicated in any similar shell.

school interior

Credit- Aarya Avashia – Class of 2018

Aarya Avashia

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