Thesis Abstract:

Transforming a shape into a 3-dimensional form – after creating several voids, I focused on what my spectrum was depending on, how my void moved, whether it moved from loud to soft or closed to open? A glass building that incorporates a skylight, brings in natural light through the void. The light filled lobby is visible from every floor, thus creating a connection between different levels into a whole. Once can compare it to experiencing a compound of a building while looking through a window.


Interior designing


Active and spatial form with function allows coordination of a mobile space. The shaping of movement of humans in a space has changed over time through technology. This has created restrictions and thresholds that allow mobility at all scales. A range of disciplines from culture, history, geography, environment are factors creating dynamic circulations within an envelope. This enclosed yet private space that flexes out into a public expanse, informs a certain kind of emotion experienced by people. This gives rise to several questions based on behavior such as, “Do small spaces make you feel comfortable?”, and “Does a small space limit your thinking? “Does a well lit room make your work space feel bigger?”


Interior design statistics


Credit- Shohaan Wadia

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