‘SAGRI’ by Ahilya Rajani

Thesis Abstract:

A Jewelry Collection inspired by the city of Mumbai. Tetrapods and the sea are the symbolic elements taken to build this collection in resin which has been used due to its transparency and nature to mold into the tetrapod form.


modern jewelery


Sagri is a jewelry collection inspired by the city of Bombay. It began from historical architectural elements to the broad oceans, they were initial starting point of my thesis. Tetrapods are the rocks alongside the cities coastline, they act as a boundary between land and sea and has over time become a nostalgic spot for city dwellers to view the sea and reminisce about their youth. Tetrapods and the story of the city became my focal point. The shades of the sea, the texture of the rocks to the overall structure falls into one family of a particular overview of Mumbai, the idea that Bombay was created from 7 islands is portrayed numerically through the tetrapods, forming the neckpiece. The collection consists of a neckpiece, a ring, hair pin, brooch, bracelet and a pair of earrings, that would create a style statement that the user would adorn themselves with for their love towards the city of Mumbai. The collection is an ode to my story, where I come from and the experiences I’ve had growing up in the city.

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Credit- Ahilya Rajani

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