‘FIFI FUTON STUDIO- FIFI’ by Akshit Bhasin

Thesis Abstract:

The key point of my thesis was to collaborate with Studio Fifi in Pune. The studio aimed to start something new and release a series of lifestyle products in the Indian market. I started working with a team of four to find opportunity areas that they were addressing and design objects for these particular areas under their brand, keeping in mind various users’ needs. Finally, after an extensive ethnographic research I decided to take modular furniture as my opportunity area of design.


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After an extensive ethnographic research, I decided to take modular furniture as my opportunity area to design. The Fifi Futon is a modular bed designed keeping in mind the millennial as the target user generation, mostly aiming the bachelors. The futon is designed taking into account the homes of the users, where they face everyday difficulties such as lack of space, ineffective storage and limited seating space when guests visit. To tackle this problem of limited space, the futon is designed as such that the bed expands into a seating arrangement that includes a two seated sofa, two side stools, an extendable coffee table and two low cushion seating. It also contains separate storage drawers for the users’ needs along with folding side tables that could be used to keep handy accessories. The Fifi Futon expects to make the users’ interaction with their furniture more exciting and personalized. The design assures that the user has various iterations for modularity that would break everyday monotony to use the same furniture pieces.


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Credit- Akshit Bhasin

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