‘TWO&TWO’ by Abhishek Das

Thesis Abstract:

TWO&TWO is a line of fully customizable 3D Printed Eyewear with integrated hinges that are tastefully bold, yet comfortably wearable.

Two and Two EyewearDue to the method of production, mass manufacturing of eyewear has resulted in ‘a few sizes fit all’ solutions. These often don’t fit on people’s faces and have also resulted in a lack of personalization options for eyewear, leading to frames that are either bordering ostentatious or photoshoot ready or classic subtle styles. Eyewear, by virtue of its use, is often a necessity as well as an extension of one’s personality, the person’s individual ways of thinking, feeling and behaving. TWO&TWO’s integrated hinge allows for full customization of the eyewear to the user’s face, providing a tailored and comfortable fit. The Hinge isn’t something you’d necessarily notice on someone. You may tell when it’s off, like the furniture in your home that’s been slightly moved. But when it’s just right, nothing goes ‘Ding!’ Like when you see something captivating. It’s the closure you get at the end of the day, and the start of every other. It’s not something to flaunt, just something that completes another. It’s like the seconds hand on your watch that goes tick-tick tick, or goes ti-ti-ti-ti-ti, or silently counts down the day in a proud display of numbers. It’s the last switch at the end of the day, and wiping away the grogginess of sleep. It is the relaxed secret of dazzling eyes of all colors, accented shapes and otherwise.

3D Printed eyewear thesisCredit- Abhishek Das – Class of 2018

Abhishek Das

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