‘LINEA’ by Vidhi Parikh

Thesis Abstract:

Everyone today aspires to explore the world and are seen doing so lugging their bags. Bags slow down the busy urban lifestyle of today’s generation, as they do not allow efficient storage in the compact interiors. Therefore why have the ever existent hefty luggage for the generation of today who adapt to small spaces and are speedy, effortless and outgoing?

Product innovationDue to space crunch being a wicked problem, the generation of today, the Millennials are observed living a minimal yet stylised lifestyle in which they aspire to travel the world gaining experiences and making memories. During this travel, the sole companion for every traveller has been the travel bag, the luggage. Luggage that has changed from heavy lush trunks and chests to lightweight plastic shells, as with the advent of air transport, luggage has been moulded around standard rules and regulations. This has offered the Millennial lightweight secure bags that allow easy movement during travel but are rigid in form, regular in material and are not made for the user’s essential products. Additionally the bags do not comply to the compact spaces of the Generation Y that are rendered today due to space crunch, leaving the user accommodating the big hard shells in the small spaces after their travel. Linea resolves these pain points. Linea is for a line, a line when creased creates a fold. Therefore Linea is a concept range of bags, that use lines to an advantage, breaking away from the rigid form allowing the spacious lightweight bag to be collapsed by 80%, allowing Millennials to effortlessly store their travel bags

LineaCredit – Vidhi Parikh  – Class of 2018

Vidhi Parikh

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