Pathway by Shrishti Sirsalewala

Thesis Statement:

A system where students can experience various career pathways of their interest so that their decisions are more informed which would result in satisfaction at a personal and professional level.

India being a diverse country offers different curriculums, boards and courses and hence the amenities and facilities aligned to these vary. However, there is one thing common across schools that education does not help the child and parent in understanding his true ability. It does not give the students exposure to the various unorthodox and unique career pathways in the world. In today’s day and age there are few who are exposed to the numerous career pathways and few who are aware of their potential.

Students in classroomMost students remain uninformed of the various possibilities at the time of decision making. In the 10 th standard, when a child is pressured to decide his/her career interest, paired with a lack of awareness, they end up taking the wrong choices. Additionally children are also easily influenced by what counsellors, parents and friends say. This, coupled with the fear of failure, results in an unhappy future where-in the child’s true potential remains untapped. According to a National Survey, 53% of Indians today are not taking up careers of their interest.

Recognising the need for an intervention at this stage, we came up with a system that helps students and parents make a more informed decision. One that provides the students exposure to all the various career pathways and further tests their abilities in the career of their choice.

Mother with her childrenStudents in classroom 2
This gives them a more holistic feel of what it would be like to pursue that specific career. We believe that a system that gives students a gist of various courses out there will make them confident about their decision. In the longer run this would improve the quality of human resource in the country, with people tapping their true potential and leading happier lives.

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