Between A paradigm shift of the academic library by Aashna Jhaveri

Thesis Statement:

The academic library is essentially a platform for students to harness their full potential outside the classroom. Thus, the aim of this capstone is to design a space which is responsive to academic as well as social dimensions in ways that both can be modified.

Technologies in library
Libraries are at a pivotal crossroad. New technologies and efforts to manage the rising costs of maintenance with lack of funds put their purpose in a flux, questioning the utility of books in a digital age and even posing larger questions about the relevance and purpose of these institutions. For the students of today the core purpose of the library is its physical and symbolic presence as a place where scholarship is supported and respected. Students, even those not looking for books, continue to seek library spaces as place to complete their work.

Modern library designIn India libraries have become mere reading rooms with poor infrastructure and lost
its true essence. Their relevance is fading overtime. Libraries today need to be looked at more than just an archive of books, they need to be spaces that enhance learning, reading and social experiences.

This capstone aims to design an inspiring collaborative environment that fosters learning, reading, socializing within the library landscape.

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