Atypical Minds by Tanvi Dalvi

Thesis Statement:

Digital interventions to enhance therapies for Autism.

Autism is a lifelong developmental disability that affects how an individual interacts and communicates with people and how they experience the world around them. Autistic individuals see, hear and feel the world differently than other people. It is a spectrum disorder with no two individuals having a similar experience. Autism is not an illness or disease but a crucial aspect of their identity which cannot be cured. Individuals with autism need different levels of support as they may have difficulties with learning, communicating or socialising.

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There may also exist problems relating to mental health or other medical conditions which a individual on the spectrum may experience. Occupational therapy, physio therapy, speech therapy and sensory Integration therapy are some of the most effective ways to support a person with this condition. These therapies are modified according to each child’s need, to help them achieve their developmental milestones.

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After understanding and interacting with different stakeholders involved in the ecosystem of a child with autism, I along with my team from Digital Impact Square were able to map down the opportunity areas which could potentially lead to design interventions. Early findings revealed that a child tends to spend more time at home than at therapy centres. Thus, along with the therapist it is the parent’s responsibility to practice home reinforcement for faster and effective learning. This thesis focuses on bridging the gaps found in this area.

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