ANATOMY OF A CHAOTIC MIND by Annida Brij Kathuria

Thesis Statement:

Fashion is a language. Fashion orchestrates itself as the dialogue of the film.
The movements perform as a mediator for the garments and the garments act as a conversation between the story and the viewer. From the fabrics to the silhouettes to the color, it describes the spirit of each landscape offering the viewer a paintbrush to render out each scene.

Girl in a costume

A very known obsession of great thinkers is, ‘why does the universe exist?’ And if right now, at this exact moment you are questioning your existence, you right there my friend, are a great thinker. This is because your thinking exceeds beyond the limits and capacity of our very questionable mind. Your curiosity now is immeasurable. Now take a deep look within the universe of your mind and wonder the immeasurable existence you were questioning exists within the physical limits of your brain, exhilarating your non physical thinking to think limitlessly. I welcome you to explore my chaotic universe through my mind.

Girl at the beachSit back, tighten your seat belts and take a deep look within the chaotic galaxies of my mind. “Anatomy of a chaotic mind” was born out of a curiosity to peep deep down within and dissect the realms of my brain. It was a journey of self contemplation and self analysis to generate a personalised self portrait of my mind. The hunt to seek answers commenced with exploring the external cause to a very internal mystery. The farther I looked, answers brewed deeper within me. The challenge, and also the irony of the film was to focus on building a character around defocus. Our minds lead us to neglected corners. The purpose of this film was to draw out those corners for the audience and make them mindful of its presence.

First came the epiphany, then the script, then came the contemplation, and now we call this a film.

ANATOMY OF A CHAOTIC MIND by Annida Brij Kathuria 2019

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