Hybrid by Sreya Sen

Thesis Statement:

Understanding the retail industry and its function in shaping the environment for
the customers. To create design solutions that hold the interest and attention of the customers, while providing sufficient information and accurately reflecting the style of the product in the retail environment.

The capstone project is an understanding of the retail industry. Working with a multi- national company Fitch opened up opportunity for retail design that engages the customers, with experience in various spaces. Working with leading brands like Pantene, Tide, Ariel, Coco-Cola, Milky bar, Kals group and Lacasa Hindware helped to perceive the importance of customers attention in the retail market.

Coca ColaThe book facilitates to comprehend the POSM ( Point of sales material) as a significant part in the retail environment which helps in communicating product information to the customers through creative, structural and graphical design. Depending on the customer’s journey and constant change in their demand helped to create FSU’s, Island units, Gondola end caps, packaging design and installation for a positive impact on the consumer mind.

Diet cokeThe key visual placement on the following units of the brand attracts and increases the level of engagement of the customers in the retail environment.

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