If you’re someone that’s always looking for a way to interact with your audience and show off your creative side through computer designs, UI/UX Design is just the career choice for you.

While most of you may be here to know if a UI/UX design career is a good option for you, for the others let’s first talk about what UI/UX design is.


What is User Interactive or UI design?

UI or user interface design is a graphical layout of an application. What this includes are the buttons, the texts, the images, entry fields, and anything else that the user of an application can interact with. All of these require a UI designer. Screen layout, transitions, and animations are also included in the UI design of an application.


What is an Interactive Designer? 

The person that designs all of these in an application to make the user experience an interactive one is called an interactive designer by profession. They design the application and have full control over what it will look like. They are in charge of even the most minute details such as colors and the shapes of buttons, how wide the text will be, and even what font will be used.

How aesthetic an app/ product looks to a user that wishes to interact depends entirely on the UI designer.


What is User experience or UX design?

The term “UX” stands for “user experience.” User experience can be described as the experience of an individual that is using the app.

For instance, an app may be easy or tough to navigate depending on the User experience design that has been employed. User Experience design can also determine if the user’s experience of the application was a rough one or a smooth one with the help of UX design.


What is an UX designer?

A professional that decides how a user’s experience on an application will be is called a UX designer. They are in charge of how they want the application to run for its users.


3 tasks of the many, that a UX designer’s job involves are:

  • User Research

Research is crucial for understanding what kind of experience a user will enjoy with a particular product/ application.

This can also help them identify opportunities for the product or application whose experience they wish to design.


  • Information Architecture

How the information is navigated by the user on the product/ in the application that they design is a decision that the UX designer has to make.

According to Adobe, IA is “the creation of a structure for a website, app, or other product, which allows users to understand where they are—and where the information they want is in relation to their current position.”


  • Prototyping or high fidelity design

UX designers create prototypes to understand the look and feel of what the projected final product will be. UX designers may also work hand in hand with UI Designers to test user interaction and experience practically to help identify where improvements can be made.

A UX designer may also complete other tasks such as user testing, wireframing, and persona development that are also essential elements to the User Experience.


UI vs UX Design

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To simply put it, UI design is focused on the aesthetic elements of an application while UX Design is focused on what the experience of the user will be like. To compare the two, UX design is more about the tangible while UX is more about what is visible.

However, the two can work together in the sense that a UI designer focuses on making the User Interaction better via clickable buttons and sliders and other animations that make the app interesting to a user and a UX designer makes sure these elements in the design are running and functioning smoothly to make the user experience a good one. User Experience design is more internal while User Interface Design is more external.


Is UI/ UX Design a good career?

To directly answer your question, we’ll say YES!

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UI/UX Design is no doubt a good career path with numerous opportunities that are always well paying and continue to grow.

There can be several benefits to a career in UI/UX Design. If you’re someone that can create and always notice the details in visual communication, UI/ UX design can be a great way for you to make a career out of what you love doing.

UI/UX Design is a continuously growing field that has competitive salaries and attractive working opportunities. As a UI/UX designer that is a freelancer, you can make quite some money while working at your convenience.


As a UX/ UI designer you can pick the following career paths according to what suits you best:

  • A UX/ UI Manager/ creative director or executive
  • Senior, lead or principal UX designers
  • UX/UI Consulting
  • UX/UI Specialist
  • UX/ UI Freelance

A sense of creativity and eye for detail is required for this career and if you’re someone that has even a little bit of both, we’d say, go for it! Because there’s nothing more satisfying than being able to create something out of scratch that caters to so many people and their needs.


How ISDI can Help:

UI//UX designers have a great influence on the digital space and if you’re someone that wants to too, join us on the journey. Let us help you master UI-UX and many other design tools, unlocking the future of design!

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