Thesis Abstract:

The Sawsynth is an analogue synthesizer that works with your phone to produce music and aims to encourage exploration of sound synthesis for people who love electronic music but are not familiar with the process of making it. The software on your phone will sync with the synthesizer and can be used to pause, play and record rhythms and beats, which you can use as guides to explore the vastness and complexity of electronically produced sounds.




The root of this idea emerges from my love for sound synthesis and production, as most synthesizers made today are geared towards professionals and people who are adept in the concepts of sound design. My intervention in this field is to make analogue synthesizers accessible to the people who do not know how it works. Through various iterations I came to the conclusion that, the reward factor is very important for someone who is learning, and the reward that my synth will be providing is the ability to make a piece of music complete with melody rhythm and beats. To celebrate the contrast of analogue and digital technology coming together in one device, I decided to construct the synthesizer out of two materials, wood and metal, which bring out the amalgamation of old and new in a beautiful wooden exterior, with precisely machined metal accents providing information about the various controls on the Sawsynth





Credit- Raunaq Sandhu

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