Thesis Abstract:

The Ferris is an intervention designed keeping in mind the traffic congestion in city of Mumbai. Considering it is still a developing city with a growing economy, it is only logical that the number of vehicles are going to increase multifold in the coming years.



Owing to the scarcity in parking spaces caused by narrow geography and high population density of the city, the citizens of Mumbai will always prefer two wheelers, as the aspect of parking becomes easier to handle. This implies that the number of two wheelers will always be more than that of cars and there will be a growing need for parking spaces for two wheelers. The Ferris aims to decongest the city by providing multiple parking spaces within a fixed area. To put it simply, the Ferris enables 8 bikes to be parked in the space of 3 bikes, which is a jump of 266 % parking efficiency. There is a single motor which rotates all the bike carts. The user can then park his bike on the ground level cart. To take back the parked bike, the user has to press the cart number of his bike and take it out once it has reached the ground.




Credit- Roshan Nair

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