‘CARDISTRY’ by Shivam Agarwal

Thesis Abstract:

Playing Cards are more than pieces of rounded rectangular paper, there is more than what meets the eye of the simpler handler of these exquisite products. A playing card needs precision, is a rare blend of unique motifs, finishes, varnishes, materials and packaging. I wanted to change the way people view this industry and how the interaction of the user with playing cards could change.


The real essence of my thesis was to collaborate with one of the largest manufactures in the card industry of India named TMCARDSDOTCOM. During this collaboration with the firm I did the redesigning of their existing website, I was also in-charge of publishing which taught me the flip side to playing cards as wells the printing world. I was working as a pair with a designer to find out opportunities and scope of improvement for the website without affecting the Search Engine Optimization and finding ways to engage and navigate the user of the website better. The website was made when the company started and have not been updated since then, the new version required a modern look while keeping the core of the website intact. In my time at TMCARDS working with live clients was a part of my job which allowed me to design several card games as well as customized playing card decks for clients locally and overseas. This included designing as well as making printable layout for mass manufacturing. During the time at TMCARDS I worked on two projects that lead me to create my thesis project. First, is SPELLO: An interactive game for ages 8 and above, I worked on creating the entire branding and graphics of the game.

Spello - Product design

Credits – Shivam Agarwal – Class of 2018

Shivam Agarwal

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