‘COOLIN’ by Prasad Joshi

Thesis Abstract:

Diabetes is a silent illness that affects a total of 143 million people worldwide. Insulin therapy is required across all types of diabetic conditions, patients having to take insulin twice a day. One of the biggest problem patient’s face is preserving and transporting their insulin. Coolin is a portable insulin cooler, that stores insulin at its ideal temperature of 4oC to 8 oC and provides a safe and portable means of carrying their insulin.

insulin coolerIndia is known as the capital of Diabetes which is a silent chronic illness that affects a total of 143 million people worldwide. Out of these 69 million are Indians. Rapid cultural changes and a stressful lifestyle is increasing the prevalence of diabetes in India. With the onset of diabetes, the body develops a resistance to insulin or attacks and kills the insulin producing cells in the pancreas. This results in higher levels of sugar in the blood which can lead to many cardiovascular diseases in the future. Diabetes can be divided into 4 different types- Type 1, Prediabetes, Type 2, and Gestational Diabetes. Insulin therapy is required across almost all types of diabetic conditions. This requires the patients to take insulin twice a day. The biggest challenge that patients face is maintaining and travelling with their insulin. There is social stigma in carrying syringes and vials in public as well. This project is an attempt to address these issue. Coolin is a portable cooler that stores insulin at an ideal temperature of 4-8oC. Insulin if not stored in this temperature can go neutral. This insulin when injected in the body won’t harm the user, but instead will result in no sugar breakdown in the body. This can cause weakness, fatigue, mental confusion and the life-threatening condition of Hyperosmolar Syndrome.

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Prasad Joshi

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