Pebbles by Shruti Sharma

Thesis Statement:

To create a mobile application for medical representatives to receive training ‘on the go’ as a gamefied version of traditional classroom training.

A typical medical representative’s core purpose is to promote and sell their company’s products. The effectiveness of a sale depends on the medical representative’s grasp on industry knowledge, which is often inferior to that of the doctors purchasing their products. Since most medical representatives hold non-medical degrees, they must rely primarily on training to apply industry knowledge and make effective sales. In their current form, the existing traditional classroom training is not conducive of long term information retention. It also cuts into time spent in the field, and deprives trainees of dialogue and interaction that they need to succeed during their visits to healthcare professionals.

Design Mobile app
A mobile application that provides ‘training on the go’ is a viable solution that can be accessed by trainees in between visits. This solution combines the advantageous aspects of classroom training with an adaptable medium that breaks the monotony of the traditional classroom setting.


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