9teen Living beyond Beds and Books by Vridhi Didwania

Thesis Statement:

To conceptualize a replicable student housing system that creates a customizable home away from home for students because of its sense of belonging.

This project is an attempt to innovate student accommodation in India. Along the journey, through careful research and understanding, it was interpreted that student accommodation in India considerably lacked tangibly and intangibly leading to poor student well-being. Considering the above said statement, this thesis explores parameters and concepts which could elevate the standards of the upcoming student accommodations in India. This project revolves around the core idea of “Home Away from Home”.

Bunkbed thesisThe concept is to amalgamate the rapidly increasing technology along with multifarious needs and desires of students moving from their hometown for studies to other cities. The student when moving into a new place of residence, which now they will call “Home”, should really mean home to them. Thus, in order to assure that students receive utmost holistic and complete nurture, 9teen, a new student accommodation is developed.

Student housing module9teen, is a student housing module, that provides all amenities and facilities required and (or) desired by students in their homes. It allows students to customize and personalize their Living Spaces according to their choices and desires, giving them the liberty of expressing themselves through their place of living and give them a sense of belonging through their hole in the whole.

9teen Living beyond Beds and Books by Vridhi Didwania 2019

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